This FRESHMAN RunningBack is UNSTOPPABLE!!! 🤯 #shorts -

This FRESHMAN RunningBack is UNSTOPPABLE!!! 🤯 #shorts

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At the SixStar Football Showcase
2025 Running Back Kiandrea Barker already has Scholarship Offers from SMU, Pitt, and Penn State. He’s considered to potentially be the #1 RB in the Class of 2025. Running Back Drills. RB Drills. Football. NFL. NFL Football. College Football. CFB. Sports. Athlete. High School Football. Youth Football. Touchdown. Deestroying. AJ Greene. More Deestroying. Football Drills.


  1. He looked like he was jogging outrunning that guy

  2. He wasn’t even trying too🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽😂

  3. Yo bro, really said in 2025 is 2024 your big idiot.


  4. Nah if you wanna meet the real one go see the MASKED KILLA

  5. Good luck to this young man at Penn St and beyond where ever life’s journey takes em.

  6. he looks good but that comp in that one clip looked terrible

  7. Rb=🤓running back
    Rb= 🤦‍♂️⚽️right back

  8. Imagine them putting this much pride and work into academics

  9. Sorry but he dope and all but 500lbs squat is crazy cap!?!?!!

  10. If it wants to make money change to receiver running backs aren’t that doesn’t have valued compensation anymore.

  11. He’s playing for the Colorado team with Deion Sanders

  12. Bro either u speeding it up or he’s rlly jus jiggey like that😂😂

  13. Now don’t over hype him he still got a lot to prove he’s just developing 😂.

  14. Me thinking this is ishowspeed 😂😂😂😂

  15. If I was the defensive coordinator I would have been hot

  16. I gotta see that 500 lb squat… dude don't look built like that. Form 🤔🧐

  17. You do realize you can’t get an offer until you’re a junior

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