Tom Brady Master class 24 Point Comeback vs. Peyton! Patriots vs. Broncos Week 12, 2013 Full Game -

Tom Brady Master class 24 Point Comeback vs. Peyton! Patriots vs. Broncos Week 12, 2013 Full Game

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  1. All it was was the turnovers. Clean those up and u can come back.

  2. As a Browns fan I feel vindicated because I said all along it was Brady and Belichick was average at best.

  3. What were the patriots thinking letting Brady go to the Bucs lol

  4. I was at this game. It was so cold I remember us all huddled up in the bathroom during o.t to stay warm but ran out every chance we could to cheer and o.t to get the victory. Wow that was some really good times!

  5. I love it when I run into those Patriots fans who try to claim they've been Patriot fans since the 80s it's like yeah okay

  6. Can’t believe people don’t think Edelman isn’t a HOF

  7. Don't know what they are talking about and they don't show it

  8. As a Broncos fan, I miss those games against the Patriots, they were always fantastic.

  9. 8:58 was Chris “🧢” Collinsworth straight up LYING!! 😂😂😂
    “Tom Brady gave it a shot…”
    That was the biggest business decision tackle attempt I have EVER SEEN!!! 😂😂😂

  10. Soooooo…. How are they lying to me? All you did was read patch notes. I just confused about the title of the video. It’s understandable why you only have 1.9 subscribers. When you are the one lying

  11. Classic game! Thanks NFL for putting this game out.

  12. Taking the wind! How ballsy, imo Bill B. is a mastermind.

  13. This was easily the coldest game I've ever gone to by myself.

  14. Good days come and good days go 😢

  15. 1:19:46 Epic. Foreplay/Longtime by Boston plays to transition to commercial break.

  16. It's nice to know there are real patriots fans out there. I live in Texas, and all the patriot "fans" that used to be around are now gone after brady.

  17. Peyton Manning choked completely in the second half and overtime.

  18. 5:24 Edelman doesn't even look or sound like the person in this video. 😂😂😂

  19. The punt return fumble at the end is a rule that should be changed.

  20. Snap nothing but d 4 VON on the recovery

  21. Who else has noticed, Chris hating on Broncos. Collingsworth suks

  22. Brady is the American dreamer make a big movie about him hastag show me the money 💵 he is the goat of football 🏈 period now that's what haters get sir yo-yo Humboldt park Chicago

  23. Beyond the player the MAN IS EXCEPTIONAL

  24. I was at this game with my dad! The atmosphere was wild. Boston knows how to show up to sports games

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