Tom Brady: Our Biggest Football Games Are Ahead of Us | Press Conference -

Tom Brady: Our Biggest Football Games Are Ahead of Us | Press Conference

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Quarterback Tom Brady spoke to the media following the Bucs week 13 win over the Falcons.
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  1. Tommy💛🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆💛

  2. I really hope it was BA who called that play from the endzome with 22 secs left at the first half.. was a fckin dumb call lol. Who does that? Its not like you need to so bad.

  3. He said the bills would be the biggest game of the year – far the road has been since they were the easiest game of the year

  4. For over 20years Tom has mastered the best way to deal with the backstabbing evil media, quickly deflecting the AB question masterfully. Folks just consider it as their attempt to distract the Bucs, ruin their season. They did same thing to NE for 20 years with Brady there.

  5. I'm thankful that he's joined us in Tampa Bay. With this teams talent, chemistry, attitude, coaching, etc., I believe they'll be repeat Superbowl champions.

  6. Toms the goat. I been a pats fan forever but I think more of a bucs fan since Tom and gronk left. Go bucs. #8

  7. Nobody wants to be the lineman who misses a block and a Brady career ending injury occurs. Every Lineman wants to protect their QB but Tampa's O-line has a little more incentive to do so.

  8. His Jacket must be from his new collection. He looks better than ever with a tan. Ha 💓🐐🏴‍☠️D

  9. Love you Tom. Also, I need his skin care products/routine. And, what toothpaste does he use? Can we get these questions answered Bucs? Please. 🙏🏼☺️😂 I need the details!

  10. Bandwagon fans Brady brought these guys here 😂 Evans Godwin Suh Paul whole secondary drafted Barrett whole offensive line here before Brady . Brady brought Brown ,Gronk Pierre was just looking for a team 👌 oh and sherman played 2 games . So yeah we where good before Brady we just needed a QB . If you where true fans you would know that buccaneer experts but I love Brady. Oh he chose us for a reason and it's nice and warm down here . I wonder how expensive it gets buying new gear every year . You guys are halirious 😄😃👍

  11. Evans is a big play guy…I hate those shorter routes. He looks super awkward running slants

  12. Mr.Brady 😎👍👍👍👍👍🏈🧐🎯🤪

  13. Love you Tom Brady #10 Michigan Man. “The team, the team, the team. Nothing is more important than The Team!” – Bo Schembechler

  14. Shady brady will end up being remembered as the Biggest Cheater in professional sports history !!! Fact✔️!!!!!

  15. if they win another superbowl before tb 12 retires hes going to have a very difficult decision to make. does he retire a buc? or a pat?

  16. 3-Peat 3-Peat 3-Peat 🏈 Go Bucs…❗❗

  17. Tom Brady is just a class act! Always just a great positive person. That's why he truly is the GOAT!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE BRADY ❤❤

  18. CLASS ACT❣️ I LOVE THIS MAN!!! Awesome human being!!! He deserves all of the abundance, prosperity, and good will he attracts. Thanks for spreading your light, TB12 ✨🙏✨😇

  19. Reporter: negative question, negative q…..
    Tom : “Boy Bye”

  20. They seriously can't hire a minimum wage intern to mix the sound before they post these?

  21. I know its still a longshot…..but could you IMAGINE, A Bill Belichick coached team vs a Tom Brady Lead Team in a SUPERBOWL!? ……Avengers vs JLA Baby😜

  22. You can see him get angry when asked about that pick six. The mean side eye as he's answering

  23. Brady fans since 199 pick I guarantee atleast an NFC championship Rematch against Aaron Rodgers.. I'm from Makati city Philippines 🇵🇭 onnninn 😎

  24. Brady heading to another superbowl and mvp hopefully bringing another superbowl win

  25. It doesn’t matter the team, it doesn’t even matter the sport – I can never hear a thing that is being asked in press conferences!

  26. ALOHA my friend Mr.TOM BRADY you are so Awesome 👍 Because you 😊 CAN and you and the boys WILL.

  27. Green Bay is a win Super Bowl now team. They excepted Rogers misrepresented with cv19 mandatory demands and could use A.Brown on the edges. Why let practice for 3weeks only to release him into welcoming teams with needs?

  28. Don't worry Tom, you'll be in the Super Bowl no matter what. The NFL is rigged! Just be prepared to lose to your buddy Bill.

  29. Great job boosting the audio when the reporters are speaking. I normally have to plug in the headset in order to hear them. Tom was getting the ball out a lot quicker as compared to last week. Looking forward to seeing the Buccs play their best football. Love the jacket, nice post game look.

  30. That's code for I'm gonna win the superbowl and I hate my life

  31. This whole team is special its starting to feel like the 2002 bucs there will be alot of big names that will forever be in the nfl ..

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