Tony Romo: From the Small Town to the Big Stage | A Football Life -

Tony Romo: From the Small Town to the Big Stage | A Football Life

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  1. Tony could have donated to make his high school football field look better than it is

  2. A football life with no SB wins lol I still like Romo.

  3. Romo's story is one every athlete should learn from. 3 years of never taking a rep, but he kept grinding. Without Romo, a lot of those 8-8 seasons would probably have been 4-12, etc. Luckily I got to see him live when they played in London.

  4. If I were playing in the NFL, I would pray to play for Parcells. Seems like a seriously genuine guy that may put the screws to you if you mess up, but the next second pat you on the back and say how much faith he has in you. Also Eli needs to join tony in the booth that would be gold

  5. He was my favorite and when he left cowboys 🏈 so did I …. 😎

  6. From far away country Chile i will send the best vibs for you Tony and your beautifull family.

  7. I thought he'd end up playing longer than he did and eventually get the respect I felt like he never earned.

    Edit:Romo shouldn't have still been holding PATs after earning Pro Bowl honors.

  8. I still wearing his jersey during cowboy's games. 🏈👌

  9. My older brother calls him Tony NoNo because he couldn't get the job done hilarious 🤣

  10. Happy most content guy with his career who never got close to winning anything

  11. Pay attention kids. One of the most underrated QBs of all rime.

  12. What did they running out of good players to do a football life on? Tony won zero m among full games.

  13. He is actually a better tv commentator , than he ever was a QB .

  14. I so wish we would have won a Superbowl he is o e of the few who deserve it.

  15. "Forget about winning or losing…" ~Someone who never won a superbowl

  16. Romo needed to start vs green bay over dak

  17. Romo was a POS. Most cowboy fans agree. Now he's annoying as a commentator because he won't STFU

  18. "I feel like we all have 2 battles: One with the man across from you & the second is with the man inside of you & I think once you control the one inside of you, the one across from you really doesn't matter.".

    –Tony Romo, late-2016.

  19. They were never the same after that game romo dez Witten what a heartbreaker

  20. I really miss this guy playing I watch him play forever

  21. I’m glad he gave credit to out Lord!!
    That’s courage. Thats a great man.

  22. People for get that he was undrafted and was blessed to be in the NFL. No matter the criticism he did alot better than most. Just never had a real defense or OLINE till later on. Imagine with much more he can do with Dak's weapons? We took Romo for granted. Screw all the haters. Dan Marino showed to to be one of best without winning a ring…

  23. As a Washington fan, I loved watching romo, and now he is by far my favorite announcer.

  24. Even though he didn't get a super bowl he still deserves better 🥲

  25. This guy was horrible bad enough gotta listen to him ramble and bumble on every Sunday!! Now we got a hour program dedicated to him!!

  26. I hope I find a woman that supports me the way Tony's wife supports and has pride in him

  27. stop trying to predict plays, you're not paid for that. Can hardly stand to listen to your broadcasts Tony.

  28. Romo the very definition of a choke-artist.

  29. Tony was a polarizing player for sure. Really good QB, But IMO not a great, does anyone remember Danny White? Took Dallas to 3 straight NFC championship games, and was a punter as well as QB. And followed a legend in Staubach, and u don’t hear crap about him.

  30. Crazy to think how playing Seattle defined his career. First start in pre season, play off debut with the botched hold and the injury in his final season.

  31. The one grace-saving thing about the 49ers is that when they screw up, they limit the ways the other team can capitalize on their screw-ups.

  32. Romo is the reason why I love the game. He is better than Dak.

  33. What's the fuss about a guy who was a constant loser on the field and now is one in a broadcast booth?
    Don't fumble the snap, Anthony.
    You're such a homer that you make games un watchable.
    And you can ask anyone in any State, and they will tell you, Dallas is NOT America's Team. No, It's where some coward shot our President in the head.
    Youtube and it's algorithms…

  34. Im a cowboys fan, nice story but no where near a HOF, byt they will put him in there.

  35. Can we talk about what an incredible wife he has! So loving and supportive! He is blessed!

  36. Live in the town next to Burlington and have seen him through a couple times.

  37. Ffs, make vids about players that should be in the HOF. Don't even think about making a highlights film of Dak Prescott cos imo they're both rejects.

  38. Tony Romo took Cowboys teams that shoulda been 2 wins max to 8-8 all by himself. The few years he had solid help, he still never had a team as stacked as Dak has now. Tony Romo was an elite QB by the end of his career and you're an idiot if you think otherwise. Dez caught it and 2014 was the year the Cowboys should have gone to the Super Bowl. Ofc the one who overturned the ruling on the field was located in New York and likely a Giants fan.

    Romo >>>> Dak

  39. I got three Cowboys-hater friends, every one of them hated Tony as the QB of the Cowboys and then loved him right after his retirement. Me? As a Pats fan, Arrowhead OT, enough said about his analyst career so far.

  40. que bonita iatoria , lider de intersepsiones y sin ningun titulo de conferencia para los cowboys como siempre los jugadores ganando millones por nada, Ezequiel Ellioth Dak y mas todos perdedores

  41. Is he another Dallas QB who did not deliver.

  42. Well in the Lions playoff game they don’t mention the absolutely AWFUL PI flag pick up and no call on Dez Bryant running on the field. That 4th and 6 might not have mattered. I like Tony. No excuses for the Lions. You win you win you lose you lose, however that game STILL pains Lions fans and we’ve known PLENTY of pain the last 64 years.

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