Top 10 Celebrities Who Regularly Go To Football Games -

Top 10 Celebrities Who Regularly Go To Football Games

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Going to the stadium to see you favorite players, is great, but going there and running into celebrities that you didn’t expect to see, is sometimes even better! Football is the most popular sport in the world, so it’s only logical for the most popular people to go to stadiums, just like everyone else!

From Jay-Z to Tony Parker, as well as Rihanna… Here are 10 (or 11) celebrities that are often seen at football matches!

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  1. I bet Kendall don't even like football and calls it's soccer
    Edit:remove her and put usain bolt

  2. 😄 🤣 Gareth bale was violated here 😳

  3. Everyone subscribe football news… which is the best channel for football update

  4. We don’t need those people at our football stadiums.

  5. Who else just thinks that noel ferrel looks like arsena wenger 😂

  6. I think Arsenal has the most celebrity fans of all the teams and yet they suck.

  7. What about LeBron James. He basically owns a percentage of liverpool

  8. Paul Kagame is a die hard Arsenal fan,he tweets about their victories a lot lol!

  9. Kendall just went there for just only one match she dosent really know about soccer

  10. 1. Drake
    2. Idris Elba
    3. Gallagher
    4. Kendall Jenner
    5. David Beckham & Victoria
    6. Rihanna
    7. Prince William
    8. Tony Parker
    9. Rafael Nadal
    10. Beyonce & Jay z

  11. Wait until icardi finds out that kendall do show up to support the psg team

  12. …and just like that we're all going to ignore Thomas N'gijol (3:28)? he should be on that list

  13. Elba knows what club is actually good

  14. Anne Marie, Usain Bolt at Man United Games ??

  15. Respect for those who been supporting the club from nothing to something..

  16. its wild that he didnt mention that rihanna was rumored to be dating benzema

  17. Since PSG has so many celebrities coming to their home games, they should charge their names to Social media SG. It's not that good but whatever.

  18. I don’t think beckham and ozil fits the list

  19. Bruh why would you count David Beckham, dude is a football icon, no shit my man would go watch his national football team play

  20. We all know why kendal is there looking for the Kardashians next black millionaire victim.

  21. That's kinda a lie celebrities don't watch football

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