Top 100 Plays of the 2021 College Football Season -

Top 100 Plays of the 2021 College Football Season

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A compilation of the top 100 plays from the 2021 college football season. This list includes amazing catches, crazy runs, clutch plays, miraculous game winning plays, and others. The order of the list is entirely based on my opinion as no metric was used to rank the plays. Watch all 34 minutes to relieve some of the most exciting moments from this past college football season including Michigan State’s game winning interception against Michigan and Jacksonville State’s insane game winning hail mary to take down Florida State. If you have disagreements with the list, let me know in the comments. This is the first time I have ever made a top 100 list and want to know what ways I can improve it for next season. Enjoy!

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  1. Not one Tennessee play is included in this top 100 and there were a lot of plays that could’ve been. That’s terrible!

  2. Brennan presley deserves at least top 50 but hey he is in the top 100

  3. 24:04 I saw this before and I still think it should be a penalty if you fake slide cause the defenders wanna hit the qb but know they will get a penalty so when a QB is exploiting that I just don’t think it should be allowed.

  4. My San Jose state made into a top 100 thank you kicker 😅

  5. Some of these catches honestly better than the OBJ catch

  6. The Punter on the first play just got in some big trouble….

  7. Really?????? Bullshit int? This list was gold til #1

  8. I think you need to take in account of who the good play is against

  9. Gotta change remove gang r@p!st from play 100

  10. Shout Out to any YT Channel that puts in this much time/work into a video. Clip 99 was a insane play

  11. Number 1 highlight shouldn’t even be on the list, he lost 20 yards of field position

  12. Could have just played the last 5 min of the Tenn – Pur game!

  13. 27:18 That was Shepherd's 2nd hail mary in 2 games to keep going in the D2 playoffs.

  14. Kenny Pickett should have been marked down where he started his "faked slide"

  15. Bro I was getting an ad every 5 plays it felt like 😂😂 great video though man for real

  16. Such great enthusiasm from the commentator on play 20

  17. 5:55 Martinez is doing really well for Nebraska. Jerry/Frank in the show Better Call Saul.
    33:24 Hey Gene what is up with Martinez. I hate Oklahoma and I know he hates them too but he got destroyed by them.

  18. So this Utah vs Ohio State game was something special apparently. 🤣

  19. Great job. The time and effort alone was bar none.

  20. That’s not number 1💀💀💀💀💀

  21. 11:06 why did they have the cheerleaders with there backs turned down there???

  22. Arkansas St. allowing two 99 yard TDs is wild

  23. The poor Cheerleader @11:11 got bonked in the head from the field goal.

  24. Big oof on the first play of the video

  25. I was certain the Ringo pick 6 was gonna be number 1 but I was pleasantly surprised.

  26. Some of these were so good, it brought me to tears. You did an "exceptional " job at putting this together. They could use your expertise at ESPN. You have earned a "SUBSCRIBE " click from me. Well done!!!

  27. Gus Johnson’s voice makes games a lot funner

  28. I think number 69 was the best one personally. Should have been 1.

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