TOP 3 Football Players from Every Club in FIFA Games! 😱🤯 FIFA 96 - FIFA 22 -

TOP 3 Football Players from Every Club in FIFA Games! 😱🤯 FIFA 96 – FIFA 22

Austor – FIFA Prediction & More
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FIFA 22 TOP 3 Highest Rated Football Players of Every Football Club from FIFA 96 – FIFA 22 in History! ft. Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Ronaldo R9, Michael Owen, Lewandowski! Football Facts & EA Logic in FIFA History POV saddest Footballers top 5 football club in fifa games! With FIFA 21 Clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona!

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Today’s Video is about: TOP 3 Best Players of every team from FIFA 96 to FIFA 22 shorts month, seen in football highlights & all the best FIFA Fun Facts & Football Fun Facts from clubs like, Barcelona, Chelsea, PSG, Manchester City! My FIFA Guys futcrunch, bford, danny aarons, thesuprementm, Hyperx abdyudaya! Never miss anything about your favorite sports football/soccer! Provided by Austor!

📃 Featuring In This Video⤵️
FIFA 15 Van Dijk Liverpool
FIFA 97 Ronaldo R9 Inter Milan
FIFA 99 Ronaldo Barcelona
FIFA 11 Messi PSG
FIFA 03 Thierry Henry Arsenal
FIFA 22 Lewandowski FC Bayern
FIFA 05 Cech Chelsea
FIFA 12 Buffon Juventus
FIFA 07 Kluivert Ajax
FIFA 09 Cristiano Ronaldo Man UTD
FIFA 01 Baggio AC Milan
FIFA 06 Shearer Newcastle UTD
FIFA 96 Totti Roma
FIFA 19 Kane Tottenham
FIFA 04 Zidane Real Madrid

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POV: The Year is 2032 in FOOTBALL! 💀😲

Ronaldo VS Messi VS Lewandowski FIFA EVOLUTION! 😢💔 FIFA 04 – FIFA 22



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  1. 0:50 Why Lewa is smaller OVR than Oliver Kahn and the manager, who made the Bulgarian national team one of the weakest ever, only because he was eliminated from Bulgaria at the World Cup in 1994? Yeah, Lewa is a traitor, because he joined Bayern straight from BVB as free agent, but he deserves the Ballon d'Or.

    And also what's the highest OVR of the Dimitar Berbatov's FUT card?

  2. comments where is mbappe
    austor write a comment and answers every comment
    people still, where is mbappe

  3. Drogba has to be in Chelsea and Yaya tour for city but anyways great video as always👌👌⚽⚽

  4. Romario > messi
    R9 > messi
    Ronaldinho > messi

  5. Video idea "your clubs longest serving player ever" ?

  6. PSG it's not ibra it's Mbappé 91 rating

  7. Austor please no music it’s ramdan ❤️

  8. At this types of videos can you add Galatasaray too?

  9. Btw. I think Messi’s highest was 95 not 94 but doesn’t matter

  10. I guess this dosen't make sense because the ratings before FUT where very overrated… should be after the release of FUT

  11. You ignore the best defender in the world and whole planets, Lord Maguire

  12. ronaldo nazario is 98 figo is 97 zidane is 96 than ronaldo must be minimum 105 and messi 105 too

  13. 𝗟ɑ𝗺𝗯𝗼 𝗧𝗼𝗺 𝗦𝗧 says:

    It's unfair to had the best rating 99 and now 94.

  14. Man utd= must be Wayne Rooney
    Vander sar and Kean

  15. can we get 1k subs with no videos challenge says:

    Great vid man! I love how u never run out of any ideas

  16. @Austor – FIFA Prediction & More if your talking international football ultimate team world cup ronaldo had that cheeky 97

  17. Btw should of been mbappe instead of ibra.

  18. Great video can you make one with top 3 players from all champions league teams of this year 😍

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