Top 5 Highest Scoring College Football Games (135+ Points) -

Top 5 Highest Scoring College Football Games (135+ Points)

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Enjoy the top five highest scoring college football games in modern FBS history!

1. Texas AM vs LSU 2018 (146)
2. Buffalo Vs. Western Michigan 2017 (139)
3. Pitt Vs. Syracuse 2016 (137)
4. Navy Vs. North Texas 2007 (136)
5. Boise State Vs. Nevada 2007 (136)

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  1. I know that there have been games with more points scored. However all these game were in the 1900’s. These are the five highest scoring games in modern FBS history. Enjoy!Also if you’re interested check out the highest scoring NFL games:

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  3. A&M played LSU twice last year in basketball and didn't reach 146 total points in either game lol.

  4. Man that texes a m vs LSU I watch the whole thing best game I ever watch

  5. Can you do the same thing but not include overtime games?
    Great video Btw

  6. That A&M game was insane!!!! I was watching all of it and was so excited when they got the dub over LSU!

  7. The top 2 highest scoring were both tied at 31 a piece when going into overtime

  8. Instead of making OT a 2-point conversion shootout, they should place the ball at the 10 and every offensive penalty be a loss of down and defensive they move the ball closer and replay the down

  9. Those last 2 games would just never end

  10. That was all offense and trash defense for both teams😂

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