Top 50 College Football Games Of The Decade (2010-2019) -

Top 50 College Football Games Of The Decade (2010-2019)

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With the CFP Title game in the books and 2019 finally over, here is the list of the Top 50 College Football Games of the entire Decade (2010 – 2019), ranked based off of rankings, what’s at stake, and how eventful the game was.

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Air Force Akron Alabama App State Arizona Arizona State Arkansas Arkansas State Army Auburn
Ball State Baylor Boise State Boston College Bowling Green Buffalo BYU California Central Michigan
Charlotte Cincinnati Clemson Coastal Carolina Colorado Colorado State Duke East Carolina
Eastern Michigan FIU Florida Atlantic Florida Florida State Fresno State Georgia Southern Georgia
Georgia State Georgia Tech Hawaii Houston Illinois Indiana Iowa Iowa State Kansas Kansas State
Kent State Kentucky Liberty Louisiana Monroe Louisiana Louisiana Tech Louisville LSU Marshall
Maryland Massachusetts Memphis Miami Miami University Michigan Michigan State
Middle Tennessee State Minnesota Mississippi State Missouri Navy NC State Nebraska Nevada
New Mexico New Mexico State North Carolina North Texas Northern Illinois Northwestern Notre Dame Ohio Ohio State Oklahoma Oklahoma State Old Dominion Ole Miss Oregon Oregon State
Penn State Pittsburgh Purdue Rice Rutgers San Diego State San Jose State SMU South Alabama
South Carolina South Florida Southern California Southern Miss Stanford Syracuse TCU Temple
Tennessee Texas Texas A&M Texas State Texas Tech Toledo Troy Tulane Tulsa UAB UCF UCLA UConn UNLV Utah Utah State UTEP UTSA Vanderbilt Virginia Virginia Tech Wake Forest Washington
Washington State West Virginia Western Kentucky Western Michigan Wisconsin Wyoming

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  1. No UVA beating VT for the first time in 15 years

  2. I like how every team that won you changed the font color to that teams colors each slide, not something huge but still a nice touch and shows your dedication.

  3. My favorite was OU coming back from a 25 point deficit to stun Baylor 2 years ago justin ediger saw that game that year

  4. Where is Notre dame vs Stanford when Notre dame stuffed Stanford on the 1 yard line 4 downs in a row😢

  5. Greatest game ever is LSU Bama 2011. The 9-6 Battle of The Defenses.

  6. How do you forget Clemson vs Ohio State 2019 that was one of the best games people have seen

  7. Ohio state vs Clemson 2019 should be here

  8. Lol The person who made this video must hate OSU.

  9. The fact that Nick Chub who would later be Bakers future teammate upset and took home to dub.

  10. Someone has never seen pac-12 after dark apparently

  11. I think you may have missed some PAC-12 games in there. But otherwise awesome video!

  12. Gus Johnson is the voice of crazy close CFB games. Love him

  13. This video should be called "Ohio State getting lucky"

  14. Biggest takeaway is that Chris Fowler is overrated

  15. Honestly the Michigan Maize out is a lot more impressive then Penn States white out

  16. Seems like a couple of these games are just throwing on to fill space to name a few the Notre Dame v NC State game was not a good game and a worse game to watch LOL must be a Michigan fan bc UM & MSU we're on here way too much and that's just the first 50-30 games I seen so far.. but still props for putting in the time it's a good vid!

  17. I actually agree with this list 100%. Well done!

  18. 19:33 that guy has got to be famous by the amount of times and people who have seen him someone gots to know who he is

  19. I think the 2014 rose bowl game standford vs MSU was a HUGE game

  20. @32:14 My buddy was like Jackson played Watson in college? Thought he was a rookie a few years ago LoL..

  21. Big ten football games are the most entertaining events in all of sports

  22. I was at the nc state ND game and wow that hurricane was something else

  23. Ok state vs ou 2017 was really good imo, was wondering your thoughts on it

  24. That play by play guy loves that line, "Do you believe it!" And I hate that fucking line with a passion.

  25. Now I know y'all just hating on Nebraska bc I know damn well when we came back 27 pts on Ohio state should've been in there and when we upset #7 Michigan state but no it's all about Ohio state and Alabama. Fuck outta here

  26. Cant believe va tech vs unc 2019 wasnt in there. Tech finally won in 6 overtimes. Greatest game ive ever been to

  27. How about Boston College vs Miami in Nov 1984? Then of course there is the BSU beating Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.

  28. What’s fascinating about watching this is hearing the names of those who are now NFL stars and like “dang you still got it” or “dang this is where it stops”

  29. Man why did the Kick 6 have to be in this. I know it was cool for some people but the game gave me nightmares.

  30. what about the 2015 National Championship between Clemson and Alabama.

  31. 10:52 as a Terps fan, I was thinking this might be on here. I watched this at my house with my mom. It hurts real bad. HE WAS WIDE OPEN ON THE TWO POINTER, AND THE QB MISSED HIM

  32. I know it's not the most prestigious team but Nevada's 34-31 win over Perdue deserves to be on this list. That 56 yard field goal by freshman Brandon Talton in the twilight hour set the stadium into an uproar.

  33. Why didn't the announcers say Michigan State is BACK when they beat Notre Dame??

  34. Mich St= Clutch Team of the Decade
    Georgia and Mich= Choke artist

  35. If we talking bullshit. The 2016 national championship on the final play was ruined by the refs. It was an illegal screen play and left their TE wide open. Like literally the guy who set the screen literally TACKLED the Alabama player. If the refs actually called it Clemson would not have won.

  36. 2011 ISU beating #2 Oklahoma State should have been on here

  37. Will never forget that 4th and 25 as long as I live. Woo pig sooie🐗🐗

  38. College football is the greatest sport out there. No doubt in my mind.

  39. Alabama vs Georgia in the National Championship was #1 for me. The ending was choas

  40. You mean to tell me that 2017 Bedlam isn't on here?

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