Top 50 College Football Games Of The Decade (2010-2019) -

Top 50 College Football Games Of The Decade (2010-2019)

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With the CFP Title game in the books and 2019 finally over, here is the list of the Top 50 College Football Games of the entire Decade (2010 – 2019), ranked based off of rankings, what’s at stake, and how eventful the game was.

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Air Force Akron Alabama App State Arizona Arizona State Arkansas Arkansas State Army Auburn
Ball State Baylor Boise State Boston College Bowling Green Buffalo BYU California Central Michigan
Charlotte Cincinnati Clemson Coastal Carolina Colorado Colorado State Duke East Carolina
Eastern Michigan FIU Florida Atlantic Florida Florida State Fresno State Georgia Southern Georgia
Georgia State Georgia Tech Hawaii Houston Illinois Indiana Iowa Iowa State Kansas Kansas State
Kent State Kentucky Liberty Louisiana Monroe Louisiana Louisiana Tech Louisville LSU Marshall
Maryland Massachusetts Memphis Miami Miami University Michigan Michigan State
Middle Tennessee State Minnesota Mississippi State Missouri Navy NC State Nebraska Nevada
New Mexico New Mexico State North Carolina North Texas Northern Illinois Northwestern Notre Dame Ohio Ohio State Oklahoma Oklahoma State Old Dominion Ole Miss Oregon Oregon State
Penn State Pittsburgh Purdue Rice Rutgers San Diego State San Jose State SMU South Alabama
South Carolina South Florida Southern California Southern Miss Stanford Syracuse TCU Temple
Tennessee Texas Texas A&M Texas State Texas Tech Toledo Troy Tulane Tulsa UAB UCF UCLA UConn UNLV Utah Utah State UTEP UTSA Vanderbilt Virginia Virginia Tech Wake Forest Washington
Washington State West Virginia Western Kentucky Western Michigan Wisconsin Wyoming

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  1. How disappointed must Michigan fans be EVERY SINGLE YEAR lol

  2. Everyone knows he was short. You know who I'm talking about.

  3. Idk how the Oklahoma St vs Stanford Fiesta bowl didn’t make this list

  4. That Michigan vs Ohio State game would be known for 2 reasons
    1. That conservertal call (i can't spell)
    2. For That ending

  5. How is Ohio state Alabama semi finals not even on there


  7. Sounds like the OP is a michigan fan. Looooooser

  8. The tall pimple microbiologically whirl because ethiopia overwhelmingly chop modulo a bumpy anteater. organic, tightfisted flower

  9. Like three FSU vs Miami games should have been on here

  10. Don't know how either of the 2014-15 Ole miss vs Alabama games weren't on here. Ole miss beat them back to back when they were number 1 and Bama still went on to win the title

  11. The Alabama vs Georgia game in the 2018 was better than Bama vs Clemson

  12. The Memphis vs UCF consists of all these NFL Players

    Tony Pollard- RB Dallas Cowboys
    Darrell Henderson- RB Los Angeles Rams
    Tre'quan Smith- WR New Orleans Saints
    Jordan Akins- TE Houston Texans
    Anthony Miller- WR Houston Texans
    Matthew Wright- K Jacksonville Jaguars
    Gabriel Davis- WR Buffalo Bills
    Shaquem Griffin- LB Free Agent
    Richie Grant- DB Atlanta Falcons

  13. Second Alabama vs Clemson broke my heart. I despise Renfro so much

  14. the georgia oklahoma rose bowl is my favorite game ever

  15. remember y’all just cuz a game is high scoring doesn’t make it good

  16. Great vid mahn but honestly I'm surprised I didn't see the Texas A&M vs LSU in the 7 OT shootout back in 2018

  17. There’s no way Clemson vs NC State 2017 is not on there

  18. Do you have a gay love affair with the garbage Big10 and 12? Where the hell are the actual football games from the SEC. there’s like 3 in here. What a waste of time lmao.

  19. lol dude definitely a Minnesota fan lol

  20. Or how about the 6 or 7 nfl running backs that the badgers produced that have broken almost every ncaa record didn’t add any of those games

  21. How could you not include the Clemson-LSU Chick-Fil-A bowl game that brought Clemson on the map with the 4th and forever and the Catanzaro kick to win?

  22. The fact that the 9-6 game between LSU v Alabama in 2011 isn’t on this list is disrespectful

  23. why the heck would you show the final score at the beginning?

  24. This is less of a greatest list and more of a closest list

  25. Auburn blowing a 21-3 lead in the championship will always haunt me

  26. I appreciate you putting in the FSU vs Auburn game because I feel that game is criminally underrated.

  27. If it was just a video only if ND losses, I'd be happy with that too. 😆

  28. Person that made this video missed mutiple games and is a Michigan fan. SMH

  29. #3: you mean a crazy finish with the most obvious illegal pick play that was never called

  30. I think the person who made this is a Michigan fan, because of Ohio State vs Michigan 4th down call lmaoo

  31. It’s a shame neither Notre Dame vs Georgia game made it

  32. No way MSU vs UM 2015 is only #22. That’s one of the most legendary endings in CFB history!

  33. Michigan state Baylor should be way higher what the fuck is wrong with your head

  34. LSU vs Bama 2011 should have been somewhere on the list… list is lowkey bad. also didn’t include insane finish to LSU Auburn 2016

  35. I was hoping this video would end with the Cheez-Int bowl

  36. did this guy really not have the national title game between Auburn and Oregon on here. Wow this is a bad list

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