TRADED! Madden NFL 20: DAD vs SON 2! K-City GAMING -

TRADED! Madden NFL 20: DAD vs SON 2! K-City GAMING

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Based on his poor performance last week, DadCity has been TRADED by his Son! It’s Dallas Cowboys vs New Orleans Saints in Madden NFL 20: DAD vs SON 2! K-City GAMING
To watch Little FlashRAGE on DadCity, watch this:

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  1. Lil flash play me in Madden my name is Jordan

  2. Power in the Pause: The Practice of Being Human says:

    Green Bay packers

  3. Come on little flash you got this!

  4. what comenters are syaing that you guys are the best

  5. im going for dadcity because i am a packers fan

  6. I'm rooting for little flash I always do.

  7. They both are good little flash is the best at kick returns

  8. I’m rooting for dad city I’m from Wisconsin I like the packers

  9. Lil dude does it know anything about football

  10. Little flash you show me on a dance team because of his go on there and except the bar so do you want to kick him off the team you can’t I’m just saying flash hope you win good luck

  11. Let's go Dadcity 👋👋👋👋👋 Let's go Dadcity 👋👋👋👋👋

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