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Another brand new Football game is announced and its called UFL!
It sounds promising but once we get some gameplay all shall be revealed!

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  1. Can't wait for ur Reaction Video brother..

  2. for years we all have been asking for a new developer so this is the moment. i hope the word -simulation represents the core vision

  3. Why is every football game now shit on pc or not on pc. FIFA aren't giving us new features, they're not sure this UFL is coming out on PC. We have more powerful specs than consoles and there are tons of us. I don't get it…

  4. Ok, then we have free2play (efootball), fair2play (UFL) and pay2play (FIFA). Wow. I would prefer a time machine and go back in time. Not too far, I don't want to play against Morlocks.

  5. I saw unreal engine and I'm 😞 😞

  6. A new kid on the block. That's good, for sure, as it brings a bit of competition in the market. I like that they give emphasis on the word "simulation": that's the most promising for me. I understand that the free-to-play games are the future, as they can be easily adaptable to every platform, but it's a real challenge to create a simulation game that fits everywhere. In marketing terms, it means that the companies, old and new, have seen an expanding market that is the free-to-play games and they set their foot into it. Not bad, in fact I would do the same thing in their position. In my eyes, it seems like the create-a-team/ club thing, where you "buy" your players among all the existing footballers around the world and you develop them in whatever you want, and there will be one global league of the various different teams, where you clash with others online. There are many mods in the existing games too, that means that we'll have a stiff competition here. If I would play this game? No. I'm not fond of online versus games, for purely personnal reasons. I want to create my own competitions and play offline, thus I give more importance to gameplay, stats and having the existing teams. Nevertheless, good luck Strikers.inc, I hope the best for you. Have a nice time.

  7. they are probably going to make the game so good and popular that they will make money as pretty much a billboard in game for sponsors… or something like that

  8. Would love to see 2K make a football game aswell. But this gives me the bit of hope that Pes and Fifa just dont give me anymore 😪 🙏

  9. hello, what means a "simulation" footbal game, whats the difference betwen arcade adn simulation?

  10. Can take 2-3 years to make a new IP and thats with a well developed studio especially if making a football game from the ground up, so I can understand the development time. Sounds really promising. With this and hopefully Efootball turns out good then we have a lot to look forward to

  11. Tell me ; does it contain the scripting thing too?!!

  12. This behind the scenes looks fake, they look like actors not devs, i think is a scam.

  13. Theres a StrickerZ that Sponsors Colchester Utd in the EFL League 1,

  14. Maybe fifa can tighten their ass and make something decent

  15. I mean, Im willing to pay 60 dollars per year for a good football game. Why isnt anyone interested in taking my money?

  16. Bah nothing about PC this game os a crap basicly.

  17. Wanna play in a proper branded league not some shitty online game 😂

  18. A simulator and not on PC it sounds a little strange.

  19. Thinking that there won't be single player mode at all with them saying no AI , with no AI there's can't be s single player game. Music to my ears tho free to play no pay to win and have to manual defend. Can see it been a difficult game but if your not good at football games it's not going to be game for you, but there's still fifa for the basic gamers who need AI to get them wins

  20. As a West Ham fan they’ve got seat colours wrong is secretions not a great start

  21. Hopefully this is finally something to seriously compete with ea's fifa

  22. The unreal engine is exactly what efootball (the new pes) is using.

  23. The only thing i ask is to it actually be a SIMULATOR, im tired of fifa bullshit wingers running at lightspeed, cb opening spaces and "defensive" midfielders doing everything but bein defensive xD

  24. simulated football games are needed why ? cause real FIFA manual players want a simulated game where AI and assisted controls are scraped and the skill level in shooting,passing,and defending is dependent only on the player EA and FIFA series have made millionaires out of gamers that practice on assisted controls and make it seems like they are awesome lol 8hrs of practicing assited controls to get in a spot on the field to shoot a finesse shot does not make you a great player.it makes you a noob who searches for spots on a broken game to use. Football is about practicing everything to get better how are you getting better using assisted controls? Manual simulated football is the way to go i wish these guys all the success.

  25. Why not offer yourself as a commentator for UFL, mate?

  26. It could make FIFA move their a$$, I"m up for it !

  27. Very interesting, at the moment we are so starved🤷🏻‍♂️

  28. Naaa after watching this video, this game is 100 percent fake. If it happens great. But looks to good to be true to me, and that video showing “ the team “. Could it be some just wanting investment for a fake project. Looks so suspect to me.

  29. I’m all in favor of another football game to give FIFA and eFootball some competition. I really wish that they would make a game like VIVA Football from PS1 that was released in the late 90’s, but with modern graphics and gameplay.

  30. I hate that football games are going free to play because i feel likes its a cheap way to get people to download their game and play it.

  31. i love the way you are ignoring that murican insult to the beautiful game…. quick point licences have nothing to do with the quality of a football sim, in fact to me they are a worrying sign…..keep it up man….Football one game ONE name, period

  32. All European club stadiums would be fantastic

  33. Ye they say no corporate bollocks but just wait till they start making money then they just go do the same as ea and Konami and fuck the community off and don't care for the game anymore just the money

  34. First big mistake they referenced it as soccer.

  35. Hastaq United now laso have a football team playing at level 4 of the English Football ladder.

  36. Seems online focused which is very concerning but it’s too early to say much

  37. Bro please pleaaaase do wel UFL ! we must see EA get competition for their trash game! Who ever is better will win. Love it please!

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