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UCF vs Florida Postgame Fight | 2021 College Football

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After the college football game between UCF and Florida, a fight broke out between the two teams. There was pushing and shoving, but the coaches were able to deescalate the situation quickly. UCF defeated Florida 29-17 in the 2021 Gasparilla Bowl.

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  1. Florida has fallen hard. They need Tim Tebow in urban Meyer back to clean up that mess

  2. Meanwhile, #32 of Florida (bottom left of screen around :47 or :48 second mark) looks for his boy to give some love (from opposing team).

    His team is trying to fight, while he’s trying to spread some positivity.

    In a world full of gangstas, be a #32.

  3. Such a total loser, not only during the play time, but also after the game

  4. Not really much of a fight. More like a "scuffle".

  5. What’s new with any Florida teams always thug life

  6. Gator players have always been nasty players, they must teach that behavior there.

  7. That’s a whole load of Florida Man going on there. lol Just need a few guns added to the mix for more fun.

  8. Lmao Florida loses to UCF talk about the gators falling to shit

  9. People will fight over a game but not for there god given freedoms

  10. The gators are trash have been for past 15 years

  11. Florida has really gone downhill in its program . Needs a boost. And that means a coaching change.

  12. Real classey student athletes exhibiting sportsmanship to it's highest degree.Bet their parents are proud as hell of them. The parents not in lock down that is.

  13. florida sucks, poor sports, florida nuff said

  14. This is an embarrassing loss from Florida and the SEC.

  15. Florida doesn’t even belong here at 6-6, surely there’s a more deserving team left out of a bowl game..

  16. Definitely the best team in FLORIDA!

  17. See this is why I hate the Gators cuz they're f** asses can't take a loss every time they lose a game against an unranked team they get their panties hurt

  18. Both schools should have their first games of next season a non play for their schedules. Good play is a must for viewers to see. Especially high school prospects. This should be a collegiate standard in NCAA! Field mobs soil the schools—simple . No one wants that reputation hanging over them!

  19. I lived in Florida for 20 years. Florida has been trash talkers forever. Problem is, when you give it, you have to be a man & take it. Nuf said.

  20. And they wonder why they get a bad rap.

  21. Florida got chomped!! What a beautiful sight.

  22. Florida fought about as hard in that fight as they did during the game.

  23. Gator : I bet you wouldn’t win in my state
    Knight : Iam from your state duh

  24. @0:14 #31 had nothing but animosity the way he initiated that fight😂

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