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UCF vs Florida Postgame Fight | 2021 College Football

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After the college football game between UCF and Florida, a fight broke out between the two teams. There was pushing and shoving, but the coaches were able to deescalate the situation quickly. UCF defeated Florida 29-17 in the 2021 Gasparilla Bowl.

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  1. What happened to college football in Florida? FSU and Miami suck. Florida not far behind

  2. Florida had no right being in a bowl game.
    GO DAWGS!!!!!!!

  3. Oh look………..probably fighting over the same……………BABY MAMA. 🙄

  4. Gators have evolved into the 'Canes duplicate…. the same undisciplined bunch of clowns…

  5. Florida is pissed off because they are a mediocre team that got beat by a commuter school. I bet Megan Mullen can't shop for groceries anywhere in Florida. Good riddance to you and your overrated husband.

  6. Na Florida u wanna half ass play don’t get mad at the end

  7. And with UCF moving to the Big 12 they will be more of a problem to deal with on the field.

  8. If you lost, then get your a*s off the field !

  9. That’s not a fight!!!!! BYU vs Memphis…. Now that’s a fight!

  10. UCF proved what team owns the state in this game. I don’t like either program but I honestly was scared for the safety of the Florida players.

  11. Florida is ass🤣🤣 UCF, JSU taking over.

  12. It's sad how Miami Florida and FSU have fallen off as powerhouses. It's way too much talent in Florida that's not in Florida anymore.

  13. This is when u know things are bad in Gator land. I'm a fan. It's start with coaching, then players, I get it ur pissed that u lose. Shake there hands and walk off the field…… Gators u will be back. Coaching and lack of Discipline all season let you guys down. What I was watching, look like a team didn't want to be there. Go home ,start over Gators. Ur better then that. Happy holidays Gators.

  14. Jesus is Lord he loves you so much so very much he died on the cross for our sins and God raised him up from death place your faith in him he will never let you down!!!❤️❤️

  15. This is light work, compared to UM vr FIU them boys were fightin. Anyways Merry C Mas to all.

  16. It's funny how one kid saw it, put his helmet on ready to jump in the middle and just got pulled back by his dad or sum shit

    #0 in purple

  17. At the end of the day, they're all Florida men

  18. Any here old enough to remember when "fight" actually meant fight?

  19. florida is the cringe on college football just like urban meyer

  20. All the overhyped high school recruits that went to Florida just got their as*es whipped by a bunch of 3 star or less players.

  21. UCF is best team in Florida, UF best FSU and FSU beat Miami, Go Seminole’s and just because your in the sec and lose to UCF don’t make you better than the team you lost to…..

  22. This is laughable to see FL stoop to this level. This is like Central Michigan getting wrapped into a fight with the wolverines but that would never happen. There's no pride in that scuffle.

  23. Florida without Ref assistance to win? Tell me you didnt always know Florida was unsportsmanlike for so many years

  24. I’m sure a lot of those kids probably played against each other in high school too.

  25. This is the state Gator football. In the sewer

  26. what fight ? there was no fight ! I've seen bigger brawls a pee wee league and T ball games LOL

  27. The players react like they are allowed to by the coaches. You very seldom see an Alabama team react in this way because Sabin doesn't allow it. Someone has to be in charge.

  28. The Florida program has hit rock bottom – They are ready for Division II Level and should leave the SEC.

  29. Fight starts when Florida player (31) grabs a UCF player (15) from behind and then takes a swing at him.
    The UCF player had already been grabbed by a differnt Florida player and turned toward him, but there was no violence happeing until 31 decided to take it to the next level.
    Anyone surprised Florida is involved in violence that has nothing to do with football?

  30. Does somebody need to say what we are all thinking!?

  31. It was a good game; But There wasn’t a postgame fight. Barely can call it a scuffle

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