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UConn vs. Clemson Condensed Game | 2021 ACC Football

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The Clemson Tigers beat up on UConn, winning 44-7 to improve to 7-3. Tigers quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei threw for 241 yareds and 1 TD in the win. Three different Tigers rushed for touchdowns, including Will Swinney on a fake field goal converted for a touchdown. The Clemson defense allowed just 99 total yards to UConn, -17 rushing and 116 passing.


  1. I was at all the games in their football season

  2. CLEMSON has 3 losses……probably headed to ZAXBY'S BOWL vs MEMPHIS. Good job Sweeny !!!

  3. How and why in gods name is UConn playing Clemson?!

  4. Frankly, I thought it would be a lot worse. Jim Mora will have his work cut out for him.

  5. UConn is terrible, score is actually kinda embarrassing for a national title contender a season ago vs one of the worst programs in the country.

  6. Can't wait to watch Dabo keep DJ in next week while wake whips the floor with them.

  7. Clemson and Georgia have the same problem, bad QB's

  8. I hate to say it but DJ is still playing trash ball. I’d like to see more of this second string fella

  9. DJ is NOT the future of this offense. They had BETTER recruit a new QB

  10. Me not realizing UConn played Clemson seeing this: Oh UConn is so fucked
    Me watching opening kickoff: Okay w h a t
    Me after watching the rest of the game: Okay that's better

  11. I sure hope UConn can rebuild their program under Jim Mora and enjoy some success. They've had a long decade.

  12. After the shocking kick-off return for a TD by Brewton to start the game I was thinking, hey this might be semi-competitive…and then the Huskies never scored again. 🙁

  13. The shit that happened to my really good bets this week are truly losses for the record book.

    And knowing I was going to lose my "Clemson -41" bet due to just a degree of incompetence that, even this year, in mid-3rd qtr, I didn't bother until now to see just how mighty CT took my $1200 f'g dollars. Incredible…but it's no more incredible than overrated Herm Edwards and his soon to be violated program, after three qtrs of blatant "give a schiit," decide to play…go up by four with 1:50 left. A minute later, ASU gets a pick six, creating 11-pt lead (I'm laying -6). With :33 left, Wash's awful offense, with help of two personal foul penalties, goes 75-yds and scores, taking another $1,100.

    Still went 50-50, minus the vig, but…mf,er, unbelievable shit.

  14. Why does the Clemson running back run into traffic? I thought you were supposed to run towards daylight.

  15. Clemson is a better offensive team when taisun is playing

  16. Hey not gonna lie uconns players actually don’t seem that bad they’re offensive line is dog water though

  17. UConn shows some promise on defense… but on offense sadly we are one of the biggest jokes in college football. Hard to play great defense when you are one the field for 95% or the game.

  18. No clue why recruits are still going to Clemson. Must be banking on Klubnik cause no way anyone wants to play with DJU.

  19. Lmao that Uconn return was the ultimate disrespect 😭🤣😂 win or lose 😂😂😂

  20. Clemson is a joke! Dabo crying to the media about injuries and wanting adjust the schedule. Players spitting on fans after a loss. Meanwhile Notre dame has turned a whole roster and have more freshman and back ups playing but still manage to win with our crying and feeling sorry for themselves. Clemson is a dumpster fire!

  21. DJ at qb at clemson is just like nix at auburn. Both have backups better than the starters.

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