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This video is about a new football game that is UFL and it will feature a new way of playing the Football simulation. Its completely free to play and fair to play and is developed by strikerz.inc

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  1. These guys didn’t even know what manual passing is. They also thought pes 21 was a betting simulation. Shocking!

  2. Some time its look Like PES, nowlook Like Fifa. This is a prank?

  3. Game ppl should stop buying for some time fifa cod n every one that does a yearly release

  4. I don't put much belief on a game whose official ambassador is Zina. Then again I'd be happy if they prove me wrong, but I highly doubt it.

  5. They're also the official kit sponsor of Hashtag United! 👀

  6. hate to say it but UFL will be released – streamers youtubers hype it up play it for a few weeks and then go back to FIFA and youll never hear about UFL again. It will be played by a somewhat small community and that's it. i don't know what it is about FIFA but us as a community always seem to go back to it ( buy it each year ). You can use the excuse but if UFL is good we wont need to go back to it, i guarantee you that you will still play FIFA over UFL more because thats just the way it is, an addiction.

  7. Cannot wait for this game. They took a good dig at EA. But I’m a little disappointed that there won’t be a career mode. But they can add that in the years to come. Love how it’s free to play. Nice card design and I like the star rating system. Will defo be getting this game!

  8. If they dont have national teams I will be really disappointed

  9. There are some actual full-on gameplay videos out there on YouTube for this game. It looks better than FIFA. Very impressive for a company on it's first voyage. While FIFA 22 has some impressive details and animations, the actual overall gameplay seems inferior to UFL. There could be a lot to be excited about here. I only hope there is an offline career mode. With the beauty of this gameplay, it would be a shame if it didn't.

  10. This is gonna suck, it looks like FUT part of Fifa and thats it

  11. For real, this constant focus on online mode is what killed the football games. Bit sad that they`re going this way too.

  12. FIFA will up the standard 😂 they not want to lose customers

  13. Is not PES its not the same at all, stop calling it pes

  14. Dude it look so real it's been waiting for 2 months to see it

  15. wish they were planning to release it to pc not only consoles

  16. For everyone who disliked, this is still WORK IN PROGRESS so the nets will update, players will update, everything will get update

  17. What we see in this video is for sure fifa 22.

  18. Ea lost fifa rights too so yeah the football game market is open ground now. This game should keep getting better and better as they will have big updates each eason to change gameplay graphics ect

  19. Will they have a game mode like Pro Clubs in UFL?

  20. All they need is a version of Pro clubs and they will be taking a ton of fifa players over.

  21. I used to love pes , so i was forced to play fifa , which i hate soooooooooooooooooooo please !!!!! be a decent game

  22. Woooow eso sí es un fútbol realista. Lo quiero!!

  23. It looks better when fifa … because fifa is same old engine and E football is NOT PES OK GET a clue just made by same company

  24. Tonight's match will be waiting for you.
    Fifa22 proclubs
    INFINITY Esports – UNFC eSports

  25. Hoping it would have better Be a Pro or Become a Legend mode.

  26. 4:16 “UFL will have an offline mode that u can play with friends” doesn’t sound very offline to me

  27. hope UFL get all the strength and luck and vision to make this game better and fair and fun

  28. does anyone know if there will be a mode like FUT ?

  29. You don’t know what you’re talking about because Efootball is not yet on Unreal Engine 5, it is still on 4. So not next gen.

  30. I got a feeling that Fifa will break with EA and Make a partnership Deal with UFL 😅

  31. The grapichs will be very similar. The difference should be in the gameplay if any!

  32. I mean all u guys are pes followers looking for something to overshadower your disappointment over the latest pes. Coz man this thing can be compared to fifa in anyway.I mean this ain't competition to dream league soccer 😂

  33. Since EA sports have lost their licenses regarding the name "FIFA", UFL might steal the name if this game gets successful..

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