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This video is about a new football game that is UFL and it will feature a new way of playing the Football simulation. Its completely free to play and fair to play and is developed by strikerz.inc

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  1. Could be the end for fifa if this game is really great

  2. I'd rather pay for a full game with all the modes from day 1. The fact that you gotta be waiting for new content all the time just makes it worse.

  3. FIFA is dead if everything that is shown is true. Personally, I think it's great cinematics but I think with Unreal Engine they can reach these kinda heights. So just gotta hope that it will be a real contender for FIFA.

  4. Also, if they will create graphics when the stadium looks great in the daytime, not only at night, it will huge advantage, because many people when they play FIFA prefer to play at night because they can see better and graphics look so much better. So if they can beat FIFA in those areas where EA company struggles they might succeed.

  5. The clip with the flying girl, is it from a game?

  6. Is that a game at 0.51 min? Any one knows the name of it?

  7. I wany fifa to be a dead game they need only only money let's support UFL

  8. Looks nice even it is not officially out, I cannot wait for the official trailer of the game, It should be allot better then Fifa.

  9. Anyway FIFA is still the beast and the best in the world

  10. Lol then imagine they put it in moblie PES is DONE

  11. I don't mind the graphic, I need great gameplay

  12. guess the ceo of strikerz inc was also done with fifa and was like, "Fu*k it, Im gonna make my own game"

  13. why don't I do it for pc too? I have to buy fifa 22 again and receive the same game for 4 years

  14. Who's here after hearing or reading about pes becoming efootball and free

  15. Every game is best in trailer ( except efootball) untill it releases, then the real shocking things appear 😂😂😂😅😅😅😅

  16. Will it also available to Android mobile phones?

  17. Hope they have a career type mode not just some arcadey unrealistic FUT crap …

  18. Will there be mobile version too, on Android

  19. I've been unable to find actual gameplay lmfao

  20. Like a generation before, this is has the whiff of Actua Soccer about it. Fresh new idea, great for a while, but capitalism squashed it in the form of EA. This is no different.

  21. People acc think this game will take over ? They have one team liscensed the game looks good but I doubt they will be adding skill and the game will run like fifa most likely . Basically a poor mans fifa …..

  22. I'm not gonna get my hopes up since they are promising everything to be free. How will they make money? I'm not sure they're gonna be able to run everything by selling cosmetics, hope they don't go bankrupt before they release it.

  23. What game was playing at the beginning of the video? Around the 1min mark?

  24. Imm tryna not get hyped because everytime I do I seem to be let down. But I hope its gonna be as good as they are making us think it's gonna be because I'm sick of ea fuckin me over in ultimate team.

  25. does it recommend human verification like fifa do

  26. good video compilation ,,, the graphics are awesome too

  27. We knew about this game for like a year and u only posted this like a few months ago

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