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UFL – Exclusive Gameplay Reveal Trailer

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Get an exclusive first look at UFL, the upcoming football game starring Cristiano Ronaldo looking to take on FIFA for its crown.


  1. No chance EA would allow actual competition, this will be a flop guaranteed

  2. Not to be rude it’s got worse graphics than fifa 2015

  3. now THIS is exciting!! hell with EA and the other japaneese one no one cares about

  4. Its not gon compete with Fifa but eFootball😭

  5. We'll have to see how the ball physics feels, but sadly, this looks like a mobile game. Not excited about the gameplay 🙁 We'll see, though!

  6. Calon penerus efoot ball gak laku di consol

  7. please dont all forget they are using the same engine like efootball 2022 so bye bye fifa players welcome pes players

  8. Here it comes smashing FIFA and PES… Let's see if it will excel?

  9. looks like the graphics of fifa 14 with the mechanics of a mobile game. FIFA always nr 1

  10. Ki jan ma fe intallé joue foobal

  11. lol it looks like rehashed Fifa 2022 gameplay

  12. Please, full gameplay video on pitch, dont just montage.

  13. Remember PES didn't have real teams' licences at the beginning, but when it became successful included the best leagues of the world and dominated the Football genre for many years.

  14. When it's ready, please also come to our beloved PC

  15. Hope they'll be all big African football clubs.

  16. They sound hella confident let's see if they can back it up tho 🧐


  18. We all know that we saw some unprofesionall properties at the corner of our eyes at the part when they showed us the gameplay…
    Don't get your hopes up you guys
    For what its worth those two other companies have been working for like 30 years we can't expect something magical from the new guy in its first try…

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