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VR Football Games

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We play 3 VR Football Games. VR Sports Challenge, Beat The Blitz, and 2MD VR Football Evolution. We see if I can play quarterback in virtual reality (spoiler I am bad)



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  1. lmao sees an snes controller. gets hyped for gameboy action.

  2. The profuse bamboo coronally flower because balance feraly reply behind a obnoxious yacht. elderly, wanting roadway

  3. What game is this and can you play it on the oculus quest 2

  4. Hillarious video, love it. Right im totally new to this, what do I need to play this, an oculus qurst 2? Any help appreciated.

  5. Can anyone find this game on the Oculus Quest 2?

  6. Why are all of these football games so cringe? I want a football game that's actually competitive and you can throw to other real players. Like every player on the field is a real person playing the game. Except maybe the linemen. That would actually be fun.

  7. “Your mother smells of elderberries” you: “what?”

  8. Funniest gawdamn video NTE has done dude 😂

  9. just got my oculus def gonna get some of these games

  10. i cant find the games, what is he playing this on?

  11. i cant find the games, what is he playing this on?

  12. Yo how you get that that looks VERY fun (tell me how you got that)

  13. they put more effort into the ad than they did the gameplay.

    I wish I could say I'm shocked.

  14. 1.8 million views with 743 comments… kinda sus

  15. I hope the oculus quest 2 comes up with this

  16. Significantly more intimidating 😂😂

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