Washington Commanders vs. Dallas Cowboys | Week 4 2022 Game Highlights - ishmargames.com

Washington Commanders vs. Dallas Cowboys | Week 4 2022 Game Highlights

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  1. Must've been a Commanders fan or an Eagles fan who put this together.

  2. the thing about cooper is he will go for those deep passes something that dak hardly does coopers looking really good

  3. If the Cowboys make the playoffs, it won't be because of Dak and Zeke. It's because of the elite defense, good runs by Tony Pollard, and competent qb play by Cooper Rush

  4. I still can’t believe they couldn’t think of anything better then “commanders” sounds like a created team from madden 05.

  5. Rush be dropping dimes, his accuracy has been excellent!

  6. Nothin better than when they include penalties in the highlights. That's why I tune in; for the penalties

  7. Why are the clips in completely random order

  8. Washington Commanders 💀💀💀💀what a name 💀💀💀why not keep it as redskins

  9. Zeke anticipates hits way to much.. it's like hes scared of the hit I mean he falls before hes even touched most of the time.. I die a little inside everytime they give Zeke the ball. Imagine the possibilities with the cap space they'd have if they got rid of him.. they can take dak too!

  10. So you show the snap and the kicking motion but cut away if the kick was good or not lol then you skip the touchdown but show the extra point kick lol who tf is editing this ? 😂

  11. Cowboys got some good ass players that’s for sure

  12. These highlight videos are badly edited this year, it cut off mid field goal and didn’t show Ceedee’s TD and the cuts from play to play are just bad…

  13. Whoever normally makes these was either off this week or he messed up almost all the transitions and you don't get to hear what actually happened.

  14. Why Carson Wentz? Please help me understand that, WHY?!!!

  15. FIRE WHOEVER IS MAKING THESE HALF ASS VIDEOS 😂 they just magically went from 15 to 22??

  16. Commanders look scarier in dem uniforms. Key word. “Look”

  17. Whoever is editing the highlights this year is doing a significantly worse job than last years. So many plays are cut so short, and some are ut before the play even happens (Dallas's second field goal). I was hoping by week 4 it would be getting better but it really isn't

  18. They look like the Steelers wearing spandex

  19. Dallas will struggle to make the playoffs.

  20. Wait…. where's the TD to put the Cowboys up to 22? This highlights video missed a LOT……

  21. Since Prescott left we went 3-0 now it's 4-0 if I was him I be a bit nervous, also who ever made this highlights clearly wasn't caring leaving out a Dallas touchdown but shows the redskins get a field goal wack

  22. That means any records or champioships are erased.

  23. Rush will get a starting position somewhere in the NFL

  24. Cống hiến hơn nữa trong sự nghiệp của mình. Một lần nữa cảm ơn Đức Phúc và chương trình đã mang đến những giây phút thư giãn này. Mãi yêu!!!❤❤❤

  25. Love that black and yellow strip. Awesome looking uniform.

  26. Rush is da man!!!!!! He's playing smart!! These low scores that Rush has, is just low mistakes then trying to force it. He's just doing it!!

  27. I wonder if Rush is a man of God!! Cause hes doing so good!! Maybe the Lord has favor for him!!

  28. Littary I had 84728472 ads watching this video

  29. Dak 2021 stat ranks

    QB rating-104.2 3rd
    Completions-410 5th
    Attempts-596 8th
    Completion%-68.8% 4th
    Yards-4,449 7th
    Avg YPA-7.5 Tied-7th Herbert/Cousins/Jackson/Dak
    Yards Per Game-278.1 7th
    TDs-37 Tied-5th Dak/Rodgers
    TD%-6.2% 5th
    Ints-10 Tied-5th Murray/Mills/Dak
    Int%-1.7% Tied-6th Ben/Brady/Dak
    Sacks-30 Tied-7th Rodgers/Stafford/Dak

    Not one stat worse than 7th but y’all say he not top 15😂

  30. More fun to watch when it was Cowboys and Indians not Cowboys and Salamanders.

  31. He plays way better than dak he should start

  32. This mfer says theres not many backs who can go 1 on 1 with CeeDee Lamb. 😂😂😂 you are high af! CeeDee hasnt even had a 100 yard game this season. Just stop hyping CeeDee Lamb up so much. We got screwed thinking Cooper being traded was a good idea. Hell Noah Brown is a 3rd string and was a 5th string last season and he is holding his own vs Lamb in yards this season.

  33. Yea NFL is high af. They didn't show a TD drive for Dallas? Pretty sure they have some drug addicts working for them.

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