Washington Commanders vs. Detroit Lions | Week 2 Game Highlights - ishmargames.com

Washington Commanders vs. Detroit Lions | Week 2 Game Highlights

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  1. The redskins are a somewhat good team but there no match for the eagles for game 3!! I’m a huge eagles fan and a wentz fan he should have stayed in Philly but his mouth go him into trouble and ran himself out of Philadelphia!! Sad part is he will never get another ring again

  2. nfl has such low standards for nfl commentators. Ik some of these people are OGs and go way back, but we were seeing 50 yard bomb plays, interceptions that were tipped twice, and creative trick plays and the announcer can only let out "what a play!" and the silence. Richest league in the world and cant afford half decent announcers. look at spanish commentators, pure passion even if theyre commentating an amateur league. idk how fans are able to settle for these commentators, but its a bit annoying seeing unbelievable plays paired with horrific commentating at the pro level

  3. Clearly we need about 10 more ads to show a 12 minute video.

  4. Tough loss for the Redskins. The Redskins can bounce back next week. I believe in the Redskins. If they can adjust Redskins, then maybe Redskins, Redskins Redskins. Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins. Redskins Redskins Redskins.

    Just my opinion.

    Oh and yeah; Redskins.

  5. Aiden Hutchinson played like an absolute MANIAC in this game…one of the best early season performances I’ve ever seen from a rookie defender in general…not just a defensive end. He had 3 SACKS, 5 solo tackles, 1 assisted tackle, 1 tackle for a loss and 4 QB pressures. That’s a stat line a 10+ year vet DE would be absolutely STOKED to have…and this is Aiden’s second game ever….just crazy. The Jags are going to regret not taking him 1st overall one day (if they aren’t regretting it already). He’s huge, tall/long, super strong & his speed and agility is elite for his size. His pass rush moves and overall instincts will only improve as the games & years go on. By the way…3 sacks In single game is a Lions franchise record for a rookie…and it’s only his second game 😂😂. He’s going to be a freak. I think he’ll get 10+ sacks this season and make a pro bowl as a rookie. he’ll work his way up to that 12-15 sack (or more) per year mark and be a perennial pro bowler/all-pro in my Opinion after 2-4 more seasons of experience. But yea I think he’ll be a pro bowler as a rookie and I also think he’ll have a really decent chance at winning Defensive Rookie of the Year Award. After just two weeks he has 3 sacks, is tied for 1st for most tackles among d-lineman and is 2nd in QB pressures among ALL the defense. This is against 3/4-15 year vets who have been in the league wayy longer than him. I predict he’ll have a 10-12 year career with 5 or 6,Pro Bowls, 2 or 3 1st or 2nd Team All-Pros and have 5 double digit sack seasons. He’ll be a Jared Allen type player for Detroit for years to come & he’ll only get better. I’m not saying he’ll be a HOF’er (although he could be). But he’ll def be in the Lions Ring of Honor for sure in my opinion

  6. For the first time in forever I won’t mind watching the lions on thanksgiving

  7. Stupid name choice. People are kind of uneducated, they don’t know that the term Redskin never referred to actual skin color. Instead it described an old Native American tradition of applying red pigment to the skin. They wanted to be red.

  8. How can the not protect Carson, you give him time he’d dismantle any defense

  9. Snyder, you putz.
    The NFL needs to adopt relegation and promotion.

  10. Loving this…they are finally looking like a cohesive unit…for so long there has been talent in Detroit they just haven't had one or two crucial things…I'm psyched for this year tho cuz the coaching staff (all former awesome players themselves) have gained the respect of the team and the team are actually playing like they really want it…I think I need to go ahead and order my St. Brown and Hutchinson jerseys.

  11. Damn!!! There is no protection for Wentz, let's work on it, for a honorable season.

  12. This Lions team looks pretty good in this game. The fact the Washington was down so much early was impressive 👏

  13. That last play the fat number 76 gave up on the play.

  14. D’Andre Swift with that td recovery😤😤

  15. Battle of 2016 1st & 2nd overall draft picks. Goff takes this round.

  16. Now that I look at it, I am shocked the Eagles beat the Lions.

  17. 🦁 Lions came in with speed they were to fast for Washington. An healthy offensive line, Goff's release & timing passing makes Detroit a post-season team.

  18. Not a lions fan but i want them to have a winning record this season

  19. Pretbad3385 SPORTSCARDS on EBAY buy cards here says:

    Washington REDSKINS NOT COMMANDERS vs. Detroit Lions | Week 2 Game Highlights

  20. Goff should've just ran it in on that 4th and goal!🤦🏻‍♂️ kalif raymond and quintez cephus are so underrated for the lions! Nice TD by swift in the 3rd!! I was gonna say nice broken sack by wentz but then he gets sacked anyway!🤦🏻‍♂️😂 Yo, this was a gg!!

  21. I have like a fraction of creek Indian DNA-of which I am most grateful for and consider it to be a noble asset and the source of my more positive human traits-and,having said that I must say that the absence of the image of the native American on Washington's helmet is-to me anyways,disheartening at best,and far more an insult than the acknowledgement thereof,that the displayed image ever could be-in my opinion-but,I digress…

  22. Commanders ?? What an stupid name . Brought to you by the 2% that are ruling out lives . Trump was right " everything woke turns to shyt "

  23. The fans of other teams want the lions to win as bad as Lions fans lmao

    As a 🦅 fan Swift is big problem, big props

  24. Im back to bask in the high of our season.

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