Washington Football Team vs. New England Patriots | Preseason Week 1 2021 NFL Game Highlights - ishmargames.com

Washington Football Team vs. New England Patriots | Preseason Week 1 2021 NFL Game Highlights

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  2. Could Zach Efron be our next great clutch kicker!?

  3. All that effort for Washington to tie the game only to have New England run it all the way for a touchdown. I know it's pre-season, but that still hurts. What also hurts is seeing Washington's franchise take so damn long to get this team a proper name.


  5. Heinike plays like a young Tom Brady,…but without the check downs. He always looking down field!!…

  6. As a patriots fan, when I saw Rhamondre Stevenson college highlights. All I saw was a bigger faster Blount. And us Pats fans know that all Blount needed was a bit of speed and the ability to catch and he wouldve been the perfect back. #38 is gonna definitely have 1200 yards with double digit TDs. Unfortunately as long as we got James White, the backfield will always be shared

  7. Aye I noticed when will jack played against Terry wit bengals and when Terry caught that long ball down the post on him, at the end will back wrapped his leg around Terry and Terry was like get off me tire vibe and I just seen him do it in this game too lol. I wonder why he do that lol 1:23

  8. half the people in the stands are still wearing Brady jerseys and no one has on a Cam Newton jersey

  9. glad to see hinnicke looking good, and as a cu fan stevan montez played great

  10. Could be best run of the year in a preseason game

  11. I cannot believe they reversed the 2 point conversion…

  12. I'm laughing my ass off. If Dwayne Haskins continues to play to play at the level he's playing in Pittsburgh l guarantee yiou the fans in Washington will pull a 180. Because that quarterback roster they got now isn't the answer.

  13. Let’s call them The Washington Cherry Blossoms!…… it’s a great name!

  14. About 4 striking misses from the Pat's defense that were worth close to 100 yards, hopefully those guys are just rusty because if that goes away and they can close the pocket better, they look wayy better going into this season then last. I didnt buy into the bs last year but I am more exited about this year then any other year for the oats because they have a chance, be it slim. To show the world something good. I wouldn't bet money on it but it just feels like it might be back


  16. Honestly Washington looks loss with out a name. I am very satisfied and proud of a greatest history of Washington. How able a great name for very rich history.
    Washington Generals.

  17. The RedSkins have a lot of potential this postseason

  18. That run got me buzzin….I can't wait for Stevenson to get on the field

  19. QB jones. Don't. Convince me it all. He been overrated. By far

  20. –didnt cam newton not have covid last season…!!
    — if cam doesnt start for new england due to his vaccination status….
    he should sue the NFL..!

    ## naturally aquired immunity to all diseases has always been shown to be superior to vaccinated " immunity"…!
    ## the research in europe and isreal is showing the same trend with the covid flu…!

    mark a health care professional in europe.

  21. Brady’s son is what 12 or 13 so we got like 8-9 more years til pats can sign em

  22. I want Heineke to start some games for Washington

  23. Will Jones be as good as Brady? Time will tell. He does have a good coaching staff around him 🙂

  24. It’s crazy to see the patriots suck !!! They miss Brady !!!!😆🍀☮️🐟🌊♥️💯🛠✊🙏👍🏻❤️🌳🍀go skins 2022!!!!

  25. Washington scored a touchdown 4th quarter but they didn’t count it!? Rigged I tell you! Rigged AF!!!

  26. Mike jones is wack should of just stay whit cam

  27. 'Heinicke was taking online courses as he was being chased out of the pocket'. That's how good this guy is.

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