Washington Football Team vs. New York Giants | Week 18 Game Preview - ishmargames.com

Washington Football Team vs. New York Giants | Week 18 Game Preview

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  1. Well it’s going to be a game that’s for sure

  2. I liked the explanation of what's bar for good vs. bad so i know how to feel about the numbers.

  3. Giants: 17
    Wft: 13
    I think the giants do not care if they win because this year they will have two top 10 picks

  4. as a giants fan i want us to lose but if we win it doesn't even matter we still get 2 top 10 picks in the first round
    and if we lose and the jets win some how i would be really happy we get the 4th pick then the 8th

  5. Tank so hard baby

    Washington, 28✔️
    Giants, 16

  6. Heinecke

    249 total yards
    2 TDs


    119 pass yards

  7. There’s no team name for Washington?

  8. Possibly a close low scoring game of the week. Giants win 3-2

  9. I liked having both defenses stats and how they stack up but looked great

  10. As a WFT fan I feel like Barkley is gonna have a big game because they won't let Fromm do much of anything, and the Giants will win 15-13. Hope I'm wrong though.

  11. Keep up the great work Preview Guy! Giants win over WFT, 20-19.

  12. After Joe judges comments I expect Washington to play with a chip on their shoulder

  13. Great segment – I would like to see some stats on last 3 games for the different sections to provide not just info about the last game and entire season, but really to point on the momentum.

  14. I predict the Washington Football team will win And finally choose a New name

  15. New York will win 23-17. WFT has been playing like WTF lately

  16. The Washington Football Team lost 4 Straight Games after 6-6 start🏛🟡🔴 as the New York Giants🔵🔴🗽lost 5 straight games after 4-7 start

  17. As a team fan, with our luck, giants win 😞

  18. I love these videos each season, makes picking games with the spread more educated sometimes and less of a dart throw.

    That being said, for next season, can you consider making a highlight of mention of if certain key players are out or injured? And especially if a team is relying on their RB2/WR2/TE2/QB2.

  19. Mike Glennin won’t be playing which is a miracle in disguise

  20. How about adding Turnover differential for both teams to the stats? Feels like an important metric nobody talkes about. Maybe also mentioning mainly INT or FUM on both sides of the ball. I‘d also like to see some Special Teams stats and would take an additional minute to watch for it

  21. Do a checkbox list of who has the advantage in each facet. And the team with the most checks will help my picks. Thank you .

  22. Sometimes you touch on this, but I would like to see more coverage of personnel considerations – e.g., key player injuries to track, and players that are questionable to play, particularly if they are big contributors, as well as the quality of the back-ups. I realize this might be a little tricky given these videos are released earlier in the week, but it would be nice to qualify the stats with any notable roster uncertainties. Sometimes these previews are a little too numbers driven – I want to see the numbers, but season stats are only predictive for the upcoming game if the same team that put them up will be on the field.

    Nice to see the breakdown of how you approach these (though it's kind of apparent if you watch enough of these).

  23. This game will be like watching the Cleveland browns. Play the browns game team from. Cleveland 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Last game of the season.. what can go wrong…Murphy's law.. lol..

  25. I Washington will lose the get a high draft pick

  26. I’ll tell you what you can do. Make it so if someone pays to stream games,let alone have access to the app, make it so they can watch any and all games on game day no matter where the user is. Now Im an Eagles fan but sometimes I wanna watch games I won’t get her like the Jags game because I also like the Ravens, that being said when so much is on the line later in the season I’d like to be able to watch games that’s not available in my area but still critical for other teams Im watching/support.

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