Washington Football Team vs. New York Giants | Week 18 Game Preview - ishmargames.com

Washington Football Team vs. New York Giants | Week 18 Game Preview

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  1. Please let us get blown out so Joe Judge gets fired.

  2. All right another classic Washington New York battle .. pretty much a tank bowl game, hope it’s gonna be a classic tank bowl 28-19 Giants

  3. Sunday January 09th is my birthday

    Please give me a win Giants

    Beat Washington !!!

  4. This might be the last time Giants fans will probably see Daniel Jones if he does suit up to play in the finale , it sucks that he hasn’t been consistent all season , but he’s not the future for this team

  5. Just can't wait for the Joe much go and john Mara sucks chants Sunday 😂


    Washington wins 22-17

  7. On the bright side it’s the last game for both teams

  8. I'm really pissed that Washington can't choose Red Wolves as their team name. I was really looking forward to it 😡.

  9. Who cares honsestly…both teams are ass but WFT wins 19-10

  10. Who is Ready for the last week of Football?

  11. Teams that are going to the playoffs this year are Green Bay Packers, Las Angels Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers,Dallas Cowboys,Arizona Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles, Tennessee Titans, Kansas City Cheafs, Cincinnati Bengals, Buffalo Bills, and the New England Patriots!

  12. Who do you guys got winning this game Washington Football Team or the New York Giants? Please make your predictions!

  13. Jj play Roblox toxic attraction fan pats gswfan says:

    Can’t wait to see Washington new name but give me my sister Maddie giants winning 28-24

  14. New York football Giants are heading to the football teams home and I think the Giants can get the upset and they will win 27 to 24.

  15. Washington over Gaints.. NY needs to reboot and Washington you need to get your name in 2022 in the fall..

  16. This is gonna be a low scoring game but wft comes out on top

  17. The Giants can't be stopped. Barkley is back.

  18. the giants should play for the number 1 or 2 spot in next yeaer draft class

  19. Have no energy for you Giants minus the (GIANTS DEFENSE)

    I'm just suffering and chilling until Giants get a QB worthy to build around

  20. Save us Washington. Just put us out our misery and get Joe Judge fired. Look at me begging these insects to finish us. New low. I always say it can’t get worse but Giants find a way. What did we do to deserve this?! Did we sell our soul for 2011?

  21. These previews have become must-see-tv for me. Thumbs up 'Preview Guy!'

  22. im pretty much just gonna go for the football team in this one 28-7

  23. I think the final score will be 13-10 football team wins

  24. Why is this preview 6 minutes if they both suck.

  25. Giants will tank to get a high draft pick. Washington 28-6

  26. if you watch any second of this game somethings wrong with you

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