Washington Football Team vs. Panthers Week 11 Highlights | NFL 2021 - ishmargames.com

Washington Football Team vs. Panthers Week 11 Highlights | NFL 2021

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The Washington Football Team take on the Carolina Panthers during Week 11 of the 2021 NFL season.

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  1. Fun game. Both teams are exciting in my opinion. Heinecke is something else.

  2. I'm a huge diehard WFT fan so I'm happy but if we can get, I say we like im part of the team 🤣 can get to 6-6 then my super emotional Fandom will start coming back, just have to at least go 5-2 the rest of the way and get 9 wins to get the wildcard I predict

  3. Panthers have a good team and there playing good this season with cam when cam Newton is healthy and ready it’s time to see him run some yards

  4. I knew he jinxed him self with the logo shenanigans lol

  5. I'm from Va, I grew up being a Washington Redskins fan, I live in ALABAMA now I've been a Cam fan since he played at Auburn. I feel that Cam can play with the Best and Win.i was taught that defense wins games, ex linebacker. GARFIELD BRYSON

  6. Maybe Cam Newton needs to stop looking for every chance to celebrate and inflate his ego and focus on his game

  7. 10:20 could be top 5 biggest play of the season for this team. Huge

  8. He has one win against Brady 2 very solid performances though

  9. Why Washington QB act tough when the defense checked his slide. They aren’t just going to assume you’ll slide and if you so tough to get in their face afterwards then why you sliding to avoid tackles

  10. Redskins and the Panthers are the two best teams with a losing record right now. Taylor is on fire and the Panthers offense looks dangerous with both cam and McCaffrey in the backfield

  11. 13:25 this man remembers that that celebration would get him a penalty lol


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  13. WTF Happened To Our Defense We Were Number 2 Overall Last Year Now With Chase Young Out, I’m Really Not Looking Forward To The Games Against The Cowboys Our Secondary Is Garbage We Only Won 7 Games Last Season But I Was So Proud Of How Far We Had Come And Then Backslid So Far This Season But Either Way I Will Never Turn My Back On Tha Squad Good Team Win

  14. CAM chokes again LMAO that is why he don't play with us anymore 1 and done. GO Mac J!!

  15. As a Cardinals fan 👏🏽 I’m happy for Washington’s win

  16. Cam is back……..back to his losing ways, LOL XD

  17. Too funny, all the celebrations only to lose.

  18. Not gonna lie I don't trust number 4 from WFT he just screams average backup to me a couple of his plays people talk about is just scary Terry getting the football on 50/50s or a crazy adjustment to a bad pass. I hope Washington does pretty good this year, honestly I hope you guys do good. But I wouldn't trust number 4 for the longer term. Get a qb .


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  21. The direction of the game turned steadily after Newton made it all about him…again.

  22. Heinicke looking like a great quarterback love that he knew he had to get that 1st down while on 4th and went the extra mile to get it

  23. Brainwashed Commercialized Hip-hop Is Dead says:

    Washington Football Team.

  24. Yes sir let’s go DC 👏🏾🔥 props to that quarterback he deserves it 💯

  25. Cam does all that showing out and then loses hehehehe I love it

  26. Well…Cam’s Back. 🤷🏾‍♂️💪🏾

  27. Let's go washington let's go washington Alexander Durant & Selena Leyva.

  28. Number 72 is like, just tackle everything

  29. Cam, yea idk. He definitely aint superman puttin the ball on the 50 yard marker. He's an average QB in the NFL.

  30. Washington win today against seatle or go away

  31. why wasn't Metcalf catch reviewed it was not a catch go back to replay

  32. Seattle got help from refs NY nfl league office and still lost

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