Watch NFL Football on ANY Firestick streaming device - Best NFL apps -

Watch NFL Football on ANY Firestick streaming device – Best NFL apps

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Watch NFL Football on ANY Firestick streaming device – Best NFL apps

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In this video we will be going over how to watch Football NFL on any Firestick or Nvidia Shield device. I wanted to bring my viewers the safest legal way to watch sports content without using other sources. I go over a few of my favorite sports apps and also a few that allow for bonus team content. These apps are perfectly legal and may not work in your country of origin. Let me know down below of any other sources you know of!

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0:00 Video begins
0:10 NFL on Firestick
1:30 First option for Streaming NFL
3:44 USE this while streaming
4:38 Best NFL sport option
7:00 Bonus NFL content
9:09 Outro

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  1. I guess wasn’t the correct channel to turn to for some NFL app advice… OMG THIS WAS PAINFUL EVEN AT 5:11 😢 IM SORRY GOTTA GO 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  2. Get to the point the video sucks bro!

  3. No help at all. But hey, at least I clicked, right!! 😡😡


  5. How can I get free nfl Sunday ticket on firestick????

  6. Bruh..what the world you can't see any live Games like MNF only after games played 😢😢😢😊

  7. Any good channels for boxing and football new ones….

  8. U can also sign up for dazn in germany too where u get the boxing and ufc

  9. Don't waste your time watching this. It's horrible. If u didn't know this info, ur not an NFL fan. Prime has the Thursday Night games. Been like that for yrs. Peacock gets Sunday Night football games. Get an antenna to get the games during the day on CBS and Fox, along with SNF on NBC.

  10. He opened game pass on a browser not the firestick

  11. Holy fucking cancer man, literally just fast forward to 5mins for the video to start

  12. Distro will not play live NFL games. Have to find something else

  13. Your video was useless I use to have an app called pro sports an I lost it when my stick crashed an I can’t get back into jail breaking it

  14. The best way is to download NFL game pass with a VPN active to pretty much anywhere except USA/Canada and purchase game pass international. Every single game with no blackout, also playoffs and super bowl included.

  15. Well if you had a VPN wouldn't you be able to see all of this just put your home addresses Canada on the VPN

  16. What is the NFL streaming service in Canada?

  17. This was a complete waste of everyone's time. Ugh.

  18. Not to criticize you but they're are free sports apps that are better the the paid sports apps you showed everyone!

  19. I need to watch local Steeler games but I live in Montgomery, Alabama. Show me an VPN with Servers in the SW Pennsylvania area so I can watch Pittsburgh area TV. I'll PAY GOOD MONEY to watch my ALL Steelers games ! HELP !!!

  20. Got damn homie you talk too much…. get to the fukkin point…smh 🤦🏾 L Video….

  21. What is the actual instructions to forming kodi 19.4. I haven’t downloaded kodi in a while.

  22. You basically said nothing in this whole video…

  23. Waste of time…….Ad….Ad…..Pat on bock…….

  24. Omg bro get to the point! Damn 20 mins of just talking

  25. Skipped to the middle read the first commet and left

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