Watch out for headers 💀 #vr #soccer #cleansheetvr #goalkeeper -

Watch out for headers 💀 #vr #soccer #cleansheetvr #goalkeeper

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  1. I remember once saving a screamer of a shot it felt so good looking at how annoyed the opponent was

  2. What is that game called? I need to play it.

  3. I’m going to play that on my vr

  4. Everybody gangsta untill u jump to the side irl 😂

  5. That's me in roblox soccer legends (beta) I used the header to
    Do it want to do it👍

    Ok here when the game started and they kick the ball first you gotta make sure that you aim is good they kick then you jump like the 7f tall Ronaldo
    And done👍 that'd all

    Edit:I like my own😢

  6. Bro guys don’t worry what’s the point u need to pay 15pound so what the point, there is a another game that has this kind of stuff on vr it’s called final football and it’s free.there u go 🙏😁

  7. Bro that easy save but he just not focus on the game thinking he the bes gk

  8. The vr was hard to football this any thing😢

  9. Bro did don't see that coming 😂😂😂

  10. That header was a bullet from a sniper since he didn’t even have time to react to save the header

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