Weirdest College Football Games of All Time -

Weirdest College Football Games of All Time

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  1. I've never seen video of the 5th down before. That's fascinating.

  2. I was at the LSU, Auburn game. The fire wasn't as close to the stadium as it looked. I watched some of the replay on TV and it looked like part of the stadium was burning down.

  3. 0:55 now adays they would evacuate all the players and fans and slap a 2hour delay on the game. I miss these times when they would play on

  4. I seen it all as it happened. Maybe I have issues?

  5. Am I the only one that feels bad for the band kid getting absolutely demolished?

  6. the end of michigan vs indiana 2016 had a ton of snow it was crazy

  7. Auburn games are interesting is what your saying

  8. The down marker on the field was correct until it gave 2 3rd downs……one has to wonder.

  9. Remember that fire game like it was yesterday. Surreal

  10. If you got white smoke then you got water being pour on..

  11. should put the end of the 2013 Wisconsin vs Arizona State game where the refs just let ASU players lay on the ball for 20 seconds ending the game

  12. I got a recent one, when south Carolina played LSU, at lsu, and South Carolina was the home team, it was because of horrible flooding in Columbia SC

  13. In 1905 (?) Oklahoma played Oklahoma State (Then called Oklahoma A&M)… At one point OU actually swam for a touchdown… There was a strong wind and a punt was blown into a (very nearby) creek… By the rules of the time it was a live ball and an OU player jumped into the freezing water, grabbed the ball and swam across the goal line…

  14. The dislikes are the people who thought it was clickbait then forgot to undislike

  15. The snow bowl between Michigan and Ohio st

  16. 1983 Civil War, Oregon State at Oregon football. Ended in a 0-0 tie with 11 turnovers and 4 missed fgs in a driving rainstorm

  17. How about in 2008 when Tx Tech beat Texas on a fluke missed tackle when the receiver stepped out of bounds!? Furthermore, OWho goes on to play Florida after being in a 3-way tie with Texas and Tech @ 1-loss a piece!? So glad the BCS is over, but that still grinds my gears!!

  18. Who else thought the thumbnail was fake

  19. In 1983, the "Civil War" rivalry game between the Oregon State Beavers and the Oregon Ducks ended in a scoreless tie. There were 11 turnovers (five interceptions and six of the eleven fumbles were recovered by the opposing team) and four missed field goals and the game took place in a cold, driving rainstorm.

    The game is now known to the fans as the "Toilet Bowl".

  20. What about when Iowa beat Penn State 6-4 in 2004? Not a typo. Four points.

  21. When you add text please leave it up long enough that it CAN BE READ! I am a fast reader but I couldn't keep up! Learn how to edit if you're going to edit these videos!!

  22. Should have included the Iowa 6, Penn St. 4 game.

  23. Should've mention Stanford vs. Colorado 1991. A receiver for Stanford dropped a pass in the endzone that a dumb ref still ruled as a touchdown.

  24. My dad was there during the LSU vs Auburn game..:: and He said the announcer for the field said everything was okay and it was just black smoke WAR EAGLE BABY lol

  25. I was a kid who made the trip to Auburn from Baton Rouge for that fire game. Kinda terrifying at the time. No one had info about what was going on, people listening to radio commentary had no idea as the radio crew had no idea either, Auburn fans started throwing shit at us for “starting the fire”… fun stuff!
    Honorable mention for the LSU/Auburn “Earthquake game”, being a toddler at the time I don’t recall a second of it.

  26. I was watching a soccer game on television. Game was somewhere in South America. Fans were lighting stuff on fire inside the stadium. Apparently this happens all the time down there.

  27. What about the game between Michigan vs. Appalachian State University 2007!!!! And now 2018 Penn State vs. Appalachian State University! WOOOOW!! 🙂

  28. That refs enthusiasm when he was signaling the false start made me chuckle

  29. What about the Arkansas , ole miss game with 7 over times !!!!! 😕

  30. Tennessee vs LSU 2010 13-men on the field on the last play of the game??

  31. A&M and Texas game that is so weird I have never heard of that call in my life until this video

  32. ok that last video feels like a soccer score or baseball score 3-2

  33. I'm so weak that there is a massive fire right next door to the stadium and they are giving two fucks and continue play. That fire was fucking huge, that shit had to be hotter than hell on that side of the stadium

  34. This is such good click bait wow good job🤣👀👍🏼🙄🤦‍♀️😱

  35. Every time Auburn and LSU play you might wanna have your Bible by your side because Armageddon could literally happen in those 60 minutes

  36. F to that one band member who just got trained through

  37. Back when they use to sell numbers for games you never wanted 3 and 2. LOL

  38. What is the name of the theme song played before and after the videos?

  39. The 1936 Sugar Bowl also ended with a 3-2 score, TCU winning over LSU.

  40. 5:22. Stanford-Cal. #94 from Stanford could have been a hero forever by tackling the Cal player on the 5 Yard line but just let him run right past him. Smh

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