What's the longest football game ever played? | The M.U.F.S | Episode #2 - ishmargames.com

What’s the longest football game ever played? | The M.U.F.S | Episode #2

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What’s the longest football game ever played? What about the crowds that were so loud, they got penalized by the refs? And how about an infamous college football record that may never be broken… all in episode 2 of the M.U.F.S.

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  1. The weirdness of my home state extends to the longest games at every of organized football. At least one game involving a team from Florida was mentioned in the examples of longest games in high school, I-AA, I-A, AND NFL.

  2. Me watching this, currently a student at North Texas… atleast we won tho. GMG


  4. Well it’s actually 9OT that is the longest game but it was in 2021

  5. We just had a college game that went into nine overtimes. It was great.

  6. Who is here after Penn State and Illinois went into 9 OT with only one team scoring over 20

  7. Penn State/ Illinois
    Hold my beer

  8. What do you mean about the high school football team throwing it out of the end zone so they can get 8 points? Sometimes you don't explain enough in your videos and that's why you're not as good as some of the other YouTubers. You cut a lot of stuff I'd be interested and then spend a lot of time on boring stuff. I still like your videos and everything just some constructive criticism.

  9. I want to learn more about that 186-0 like what asshole coach was like nah 70-0 not enough keep going aight we have 100 point lead keep running it up

  10. Crazy that this game got beat in length this year.

  11. Y’all saw my man Ahmad Rashad at the top of the list of that draft..!!!

  12. And yes PSU and Illinois was somehow more long

  13. GO MEAN GREEN lol thats proudly MY alma mater lol

  14. And now 2021 and you have Illinois vs penn state

  15. Crazy how Penn State Illinois was 9 Overtimes to finish 20-18

  16. When I was in 7th grade I was the manager for my school's football team and they lost 102-0

  17. The thumbnail seems good pretty darn good right? Enter every single pack 12 game ever

  18. Didn't expect to see my school (North Texas – UNT) in this video.

  19. No way you said Nacogdoches, that’s my team and I never heard about this game because I don’t remember!!!

  20. The 186-0 game was 6-man football score that was the cause of uil instituting a mercy rule in the 6-man divisions. The highest scoring 11-man game was also a massacre that 143-6 in 1996.

  21. I remember a high school football game here the first year they implemented OT in our section, about 25 years ago. The officials must have been unaware of the OT rule, because this Week 1 ended in a 6-6 tie in regulation, and the officials went home. The teams had to return about a month later on a Monday afternoon (possibly Columbus Day, which would be a day off) to play the overtime, which ended with one team winning 13-6 with just one OT needed. But playing a game over two days, a month apart… smh.

  22. You just know it's gonna be a weird game when the first quarter ends with a score of 5-0 lol

  23. 8:12 I'm pretty sure that was the same game where Barry Sanders broke 2000 yards rushing for the season!

  24. There's no need for multiple overtimes. Give each team a drive, but (let's say) five minutes starting at the 40 yard line. If Team A scores a TD in 3:41, then Team B has to score a TD in 3:41 OR LESS. If they don't, they lose. The chances of both teams scoring in EXACTLY the same time are slim. Doing that multiple times would be near impossible.

  25. Thanks for the heads up about UCF, they're one of four universities coming to the Big 12 in 2023! Signed, a TCU HORNED FROGS FAN! Got any information about Houston and Cincinnati please? BYU, we know them from our days in the Mountain West conference so know what to expect. But any information about Houston, Cincinnati, and anymore information about UCF will be greatly appreciated before new years eve please?

  26. A penalty for crowd noise is stupid. That's literally the point of the crowd noise, to be disruptive

  27. Longest NFL game without power outages was 1971 Dolphins and Chiefs playoff game. Garo Yepremian booted a 37 yard FG for the win.

  28. Didn't really understand the explanation for Nacadoches FL refusing to score 8? They wanted to play longer? Trying for the record? Who does that.
    Also, you avoided the other measure of time- how long the game lasted in real-time, for the fan to watch. Dingbats below who think weather delays are part of the equation, are dingbats. Just tell me how long the broadcast was, or how long the teams were on the field.

  29. 9 picks in real life that's insane I can only through 8 picks actually trying in madden

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