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Women’s World Football Games | NFL Films Presents

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More than 200 athletes from 17 different countries convene for the Women’s World Football Games, hosted by USA Football.

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  1. i think them vs americas best middle school team would actually be very interesting

  2. First of all tackle football is only a man’s game and that is not even a good hit that is some weak ass bullshit and men do not show sportsmanship that should not be a thing in the NFL and if it is a women’s game to where is the women’s league and if women want to play in the NFL with men they will get destroyed football is a men’s game only

  3. "this isn't the lingerie football league" that's for sure. The ladies in the LFL hit ten times harder than this.

  4. Give ‘em a league … mixed boys n girls nah that’s not fair b he a straight woman’s league do it

  5. I'm surr women going to be BIG and I hope it Will grow in every next generation.

  6. I'm from the UK and moved to Canada. I've always wanted to play football but have no idea how I go around trying to join a team

  7. Eh some of those players are doods. I’m not lying

  8. Women of the NFL. All kids count. Not in Buena Vista Holiday Florida. They stand on streets not safe enough for me. No crossing guards. It's a drug rattled community. We have two clubhouses two HOA's run by a bunch of selfish adults. The kids live here year round. Come see. I have serious questions. All children everywhere matter. Safe bus stops for the kids. Thank all of you . Brady . Call Arron.

  9. We need the two of you to through a few hail Mary's for. The kids.

  10. Detroit till I die Lions . Sorry I am a pac fan love the Bucks two just when they play I get confused. Not really sorry Bucks.

  11. I've been a fan of the Pittsburgh passion football team I think the owner is Franco Harris or at least one of the owners

  12. At this point we might as well let men and women compete together

  13. I would love to see women's football, but they have a long ways to go.

  14. Honestly I could see more daughters doing this they are still very young at 3 and 2 but they love watching football makes me happy that something like this is available to women honestly would love if this was a permanent thing like the nfl

  15. Fun and games until, the one with the third leg who doesn't mind cutting it off. So they can say. HI. My name is Karen.

  16. bruh, girls can do a lot of things guys can do everyone knows that but there are things that boys can do better.

  17. my 0-8 flag football team from 5th grade could probably beat them.

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